I wanted to share why I decided to move forward with this website. I feel compelled that people should be able to read about me and see what I have to offer before deciding to spend money on my services.  I get many referrals from clients and am excited that now anyone seeking help can access my website; and easily contact me to schedule all in one place.  I am very blessed to have the gifts that I have and to receive the amazing offerings that God provides by putting certain people in my life.  Realizing that nothing is accidental and people are not put into your life randomly is what I help others to recognize as well…every person you meet is important to your life path somehow. They may be there to help you or to lead you to someone else who is meant to help you on your journey. They may influence you in some way…oh the possibilities of God’s plan are endless; but believe that HE is real and nothing is by accident.

If you are reading this – then you have already found my new website – so please share the URL with anyone you feel may benefit. I encourage you to interact with my blog and post about your experience with me or ask questions.

Have a blessed week and stay tuned for more.