Dear Friends,

June is here.  June is a very elevated month for me since my birthday is June 21st.  I have been seeing so many negative posts on social media and so much negativity being spread throughout the world and it makes me sick.  I won’t even watch the news or scroll through Facebook for fear of what I may have to see.  They say that ignorance is bliss and in this case I would agree.

On the other hand, I spend my days deep in helping others speaking with their lost loved ones, guiding them spiritually and in their lives, healing their beloved pets, cleansing their homes and loved ones of negativity and attachments..and the list goes on…I stand in a world where anything is possible and where faith and my love of God and my purpose and of humanity perseveres.  I stand in the light and I want all of you to come join me.  Give all of your fears and all of the negativity in your life to God, let go of the past and open your hearts and your souls to the possibilities that are out there all around us everyday if you are willing to see them.

June may be an elevated month – but it’s also one where awareness can create great things for you. I am here for all of you if you are interested in exploring the possibilities.

– Stephanie