People become spiritually awake at different times in their lives. It certainly feels for me that people with spiritual gifts, that they may have buried, are now becoming much more open to using them and accepting them – much like a person would accept their gifts as an artist or musician. Our world is becoming more spiritual and open.

I believe everyone has these gifts to some degree. I mean, we can all draw a stick figure, but we can’t all draw a portrait, right?

But spiritual awakening or soul awareness, to me, often occurs when people realize that their bodies are a house – and a gift for and to their souls. And that it’s the hopes and wonders and joy of their souls that really matters. When that realization begins they are often pulled to discover what their souls really want. What happens after death? Who is guiding them in this life? What can they do to become more and more spiritually awake and fulfilled?

It is for those reasons that I am seeing a greater influx in people wanting to meet with me. While I don’t pretend to know everything – I do know that the messages I get from those that have passed, open people’s hearts to further their own spiritual awakening.


Take a moment to ponder these points.


  • What does your soul really want?
  • When was the last time you felt free from anxiety, pain, fear, depression?
  • How much time do you spend in worry?
  • How much time to you spend missing, regretting, or thinking about loved ones who have passed?
  • How much opportunity do you give yourself to spend in nature and unwind?

Awareness of where you are today in your soul journey is a great starting point – each and every day, week, month. Being soul aware is as necessary as being aware of eating a healthy diet, or doing well in our jobs. And our loved ones that have passed want us to have that soul fulfillment. Because after all – they do.